iDEAL in3 frequently asked questions

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. Is your question not listed? Then contact iDEAL in3 customer service by filling in the form on this page. Your request will be answered within 5 working days.

What is iDEAL in3?

in3 is going to cooperate with iDEAL. This means you can now pay for your orders in three equal parts, without interest, with our new payment method iDEAL in3. iDEAL in3 is a separate payment method in a web shop's checkout.  

The availability of iDEAL in3 is limited for now and is expected to become available at many online stores later this year. At some web shops, you will still be able to pay with in3 instead of iDEAL in3.

How does iDEAL in3 work?

With iDEAL in3, you pay for your order in three equal instalments at 0% interest.  

At checkout, choose iDEAL in3 in the checkout. A check takes place within a split second. After approval, you immediately pay the first part, which is equal to one third of the purchase amount, via iDEAL. You will then receive a reminder from us to make the second payment within 30 days and to pay the last part within 60 days. And all this at no extra cost!

Is iDEAL in3 different from in3?

Basically, iDEAL in3 is the same: you pay for your order in three equal instalments and are sent a payment link before the payment date to make the payment.

What happens if I pay late?

If you fail to make the second instalment payment on time, your account will be suspended and you won’t be able to place any new orders until you have settled the payment. 

If you fail to pay the third instalment (as well as the second), your file will be transferred to our collection partner, ACCS, two weeks after the 'Notice of Default' email is sent. For this, legal collection fees may be charged at 15% of the outstanding amount with a minimum of €40.

What will happen to in3?

In3 will continue, if the pilot is successful, iDEAL in3 will be expanded to more web shops.

Will the orders I make via iDEAL in3 also show up in the existing in3 app?

If you have an in3 account, you will see both your orders placed with in3 and iDEAL in3 in the in3 app, provided the account and order details match.  

You can switch between in3 and iDEAL in3 in your existing account. From the in3 section, you can make the payment for any order you see. If you are in the iDEAL in3 section, you can only do so for iDEAL in3 orders.

What are the payment terms at iDEAL in3?

The payment terms of iDEAL in3 can be found here

Will my spending limit remain the same with iDEAL in3?

Yes, your spending limit will remain the same.

What does spread payment with iDEAL in3 mean?

iDEAL in3 is the only spread payment method without interest or loan and BKR registration. You pay in three instalments within 60 days. You pay the first instalment directly via iDEAL. You pay the second instalment within 30 days and the third instalment again 30 days later.

I am waiting for payment from iDEAL in3, when can I expect it?

We will refund the amount you paid, after confirmation of return/cancellation by the webshop, within 5 working days to the account number known to us.

Why do I get the message that I cannot pay with iDEAL in3?

Prior to payment, in3 does a data check. There may be various reasons why the payment fails. We will be happy to explain this to you over the phone or by e-mail.

Can I make payment arrangements or get a deferral for a payment to iDEAL in3?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You must pay the amount before the due date(s).

Does iDEAL in3 process personal data?

Yes, to offer our service, we need your personal data. We tell you more about this in our privacy statement.