Acquirers and CPSPs

Acquirer - Licencee iDEAL and CPSP - Certificate holder iDEAL Acquirers and Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSPs) act as iDEAL contracting parties for businesses. They ensure that their customers receive iDEAL payments from Issuers (consumer banks) on their IBAN. They also usually help with the technical integration of iDEAL on their customers' payment page.


The following organisations have a certificate agreement* iDEAL for the role of CPSP

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- Airwallex (Netherlands) B.V.* (The Netherlands)
- Alipay (Europe) Limited SA (Luxembourg)
- Betaalgroep Nederland B.V. (trade names PinTip, Multoo en Skgcollect) (Netherlands)
- Boku Network Services IE Ltd. (Ireland)
- Buckaroo B.V. (Netherlands)
- bunq B.V. (Netherlands)
- CCV Group B.V. (Netherlands)
- Certo Escrow B.V. (Netherlands)
- SAS (France)
- CM Payments B.V. (h.o.d.n. (Netherlands)
- Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. (h.o.d.n. Rabo Smart Pay) (Netherlands)
- Credorax Bank Ltd. (trade names Shift4 / Finaro) (Malta)
- DaoPay GmbH (Austria)
- Ease2Pay B.V. (Netherlands)
- Europabank N.V.* (Belgium)
- European Merchant Services B.V. (Netherlands)
- First Data GmbH (a Fiserv. company) (Germany)
- B.V. (Netherlands)
- Fung Payments B.V. (Netherlands)
- Getnet Europe, Entidad de Pago S.L. (Spain)
- GoCredible B.V. (Netherlands)
- HiPay SAS (France)
- Icepay B.V. (Netherlands)
- Isbank AG (Germany)
- Knab N.V. (Netherlands)
- Lyra Collect SAS* (France)
- Mangopay SA (Luxembourg)
- Mollie B.V. (Netherlands)
- Monext (France)
- MultiSafepay B.V. (Netherlands)
- MyPOS Limited (Ireland)
- Novalnet AG (Germany)
- Nuvei Ltd. (Cyprus)
- Online Payment Platform B.V. (Netherlands)
- Pay Fast Forward B.V. (Netherlands)
- Ltd. (Cyprus)
- PAYCOMET S.L.U. (Spain)
- PayOne GmbH (Germany)
- PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. (Luxembourg)
- PayPlug Enterprise (voorheen Dalenys) (France)
- PayPro B.V. (Netherlands)
- Paysafe Ltd. (Ireland)
- PingPong Europe S.A. (Luxembourg)
- Rootline B.V. (Netherlands)
- SIBS Pagamentos S.A. (Portugal)
- Stripe Technology Europe Ltd. (Ireland
- SumUp Limited (Ireland)
- Payments B.V. (Nederland)
- Trust Payments Malta Ltd. (Malta)
- Trustly Group AB (Sweden)
- Unlimit EU Ltd. (Cyprus)
- Unifiedpost Payments (Belgium)
- Unzer E-com GmbH (Germany)
- Viva Payment Services S.A. (Greece)
- Worldline AB (Sweden)
- Worldline Digital Commerce (voorheen Global Collect Services B.V.) (Netherlands)
- Worldline Financial Services (voorheen Six Payments Services) (Luxembourg)
- Worldline NV/SA (Belgium)
- WorldPay B.V. (Netherlands)
- Xplor Pay B.V. (Netherlands)
- YabandPay B.V. (Netherlands)

* A CPSP with a certificate agreement is fully certified by Currence. This refers to an organisation that processes more than €3 million per year in iDEAL sales for its merchants. A CPSP with an accreditation agreement has undergone a lighter assessment because this CPSP does not process more than €3 million per year in iDEAL sales for its merchants.

Last updated: June 18 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What must our organisation meet to become an iDEAL partner (Issuer, Acquirer, CPSP or C2C provider)?

Your institution is eligible if you are registered as a payment service provider in the register of a European regulator (e.g. De Nederlandsche Bank; DNB). In addition, your organisation must meet the eligibility requirements set by Currence for the role (Issuer, Acquirer, CPSP or C2C provider) your institution wishes to fulfil.

On our information page for new Scheme Partners of iDEAL, iDIN or Incassomachtigen, under step one 'Application for Scheme Partner Certification' you will find the necessary information and documentation on how your institution can become a License or Certificate Holder or an Accredited Party.

What is a (Collecting) Payment Service Provider ((C)PSP)?

Payment Service Provider (PSP) provides iDEAL payments to their customers. At Currence iDEAL B.V. we distinguish between two types of PSPs:

* A technical PSP - They facilitate the technical integration between you and your iDEAL Acquirer. Therefore, you need an iDEAL-agreement (contract) with an iDEAL Acquirer;

* Collecting PSP (CPSP) - They facilitate the technical integration between your system and theirs and they collect the iDEAL payments for you. Therefore, you need an iDEAL-agreement (contract) with the CPSP.

My company is an eWallet Provider. Are we regarded as an acceptant or as a CPSP?

An eWallet Provider is an Acquirer or CPSP if it disburses iDEAL payments to companies. During these iDEAL transactions, the eWallet Provider does not show the loading of the wallet to the customer (paying consumer). In this process, the payer only sees a regular iDEAL payment. The payer is not authorizing the second transaction, because this is automatically executed by the eWallet Provider.

In this case, the payer only has a purchase agreement with the company where he ordered a product or service. For this purchase, there is no relationship with the eWallet provider.

The eWallet Provider is an acceptant if an eWallet Provider only uses iDEAL for loading the wallet and the payer uses the wallet to make purchases.

Which parties have a license, certificate or accreditation agreement for iDEAL?

- Click here for the list of Issuers;
- Click here for the list of Acquirers and CPSP's;
- Click here for the list of C2C-providers.

How do I know if I need a license or certificate for iDEAL?

In the document General Notes Rules & Regulations you can find information about the exact role of your company.

- For the roles of Issuer and Acquirer you can request a license agreement at Currence BV to be able to execute this role.
- For the role of CPSP you can request a certificate agreement at Currence BV to be able to execute this role.
- For the role of C2C-provider you can request an accreditation agreement at Currence BV to be able to execute this role.

Click here< for more information about requesting a license, certificate or accreditation.

On the website of Currence BV you can find the rates that Currence charges to licensees and certificate holders.

How much time does it take to get a license, certificate or accreditation?

To get a license or certificate agreement, the requestor must go through a certification procedure. This procedure normally takes about six months, however, this depends on the role and characteristics of the requestor.

Together with Currence BV, the requestor determines a planning for the certification procedure. Based on the experience of Currence BV, the speed of the process is mostly influenced by the requestor. It depends on the speed and completeness of the answers to the Control Self-Assessment (CSA) and the completeness of the required documents.

To request accreditation the requestor must fill in a questionnaire. Also, in this case, the requestor determines the speed of the procedure by answering the questions fast and complete. An accreditation procedure normally takes about four weeks.