iDEAL for Organisations

As a business, iDEAL allows you to let your customers pay online safely and easily. Your customer pays directly from their bank account via their familiar banking environment, quickly and securely. You will receive immediate payment confirmation.

How can I implement iDEAL?


To offer iDEAL, you need to enter into an iDEAL agreement with one of the participating contracting parties. They offer various (technical) options for implementing iDEAL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer iDEAL as a non-Dutch organisation?

Yes, as a non-Dutch organisation you can offer iDEAL to your Dutch payees. You do not need a Dutch bank account. In this case you need a contract with an iDEAL Partner who collects the iDEAL payments and credits them to your foreign bank account. This service is offered by several Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSP's).

How can I offer iDEAL as a payment method to my customers?

iDEAL is a standardised payment method offered by a large number of acquirers and CPSPs. They are an iDEAL Partner . If you would like to offer iDEAL to your customers, you will need to close an iDEAL merchant contract with one of these Partners. They will also provide you with technical support for the integration of iDEAL within your online checkout system.

Every acquirer or CPSP applies its own acceptance policy towards its merchants. The minimum requirements for iDEAL are that you are registered with the Chamber of Commerce (or a similar foreign institute) and that you are in possession of a business bank account. For more information about iDEAL, please check the business section of our website.

For your information: Currence has an English animation available that gives you a brief (about 1.5 minutes) explanation of the process of an iDEAL payment and what subsequently happens 'behind the scenes'. You can also visit the business section on our website.

How can I offer iDEAL QR to my customers as a payment method?

If you would like to start using and offering iDEAL QR, you can contact one of the iDEAL Partners who offer iDEAL QR. They can provide you with more information about the possibilities and activities needed to offer iDEAL to your clients.

How can I offer an iDEAL payment link?

It is possible to send an iDEAL payment request to your customers using an iDEAL payment link, for example by email, text message or WhatsApp. Please consult this web page for more information.

My company offers a platform for ticket sales. Can I offer iDEAL as a payment method?

In the Netherlands, there are many ticket platforms. Are you selling tickets on behalf of another company, are you collecting the money and are you transferring the money to the concerning companies? Then your platform has to be officially registered as a Payment Service Provider in the register of a European regulator (for example 'De Nederlansche Bank; DNB'). In this way, you comply with European legislation (PSDII).

In this case, Currence BV will mark you as a CPSP. Therefore, your platform has to be certified by Currence BV before you can offer iDEAL as a payment method on your platform.