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Hi! You are seeing this page because you have chosen to pay via iDEAL in3. Good choice if you ask us!

You are now looking at a short and clear summary of our ‘iDEAL in3 Consumen Terms and Conditions’. These are the rules that apply when you pay via iDEAL in3. With this summary, we try to make the rules easy and clear for everyone. In case of doubt or a problem, the full and detailed consumer terms and conditions apply. Click here if you want to read the full consumer terms and conditions.

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Who are we?

We'd like to introduce ourselves; we are iDEAL in3!

Who: In3 NL B.V.

Where: Meerenakkerweg 1a, 5652 AR in Eindhoven

Chamber of Commerce number: 59234784

VAT number: NL853381082B01

If you want to speak to us, you can do so in the following ways:

Call us at: 088 - 39 93 399

Email us at:

We are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm for all your questions! On Saturdays, we are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Your Purchase

When you buy a product at a store, you have to pay for it. If you pay via iDEAL in3, you make agreements with us about paying for your purchase in three equal parts:

Part 1 you pay immediately upon purchase.

Part 2 you pay no later than 30 days after your purchase.

Part 3 you pay no later than 60 days after your purchase.

We only make agreements with you about using iDEAL in3. Agreements on other subjects, such as delivery times and warranty, you make with the store. We have nothing to do with that.

Your Application

You naturally want to pay for your purchase with iDEAL in3, which is very convenient! When you apply to the store to pay with iDEAL in3, we want to be certain of a few things. We ask you to promise the following:

You are an adult, so 18 years or older.

You have sufficient funds to pay. This means you're not bankrupt, you're not under guardianship or administration, and no debt restructuring applies to you. Additionally, no requests for these have been submitted in your name.

The address you provide is of a regular residence in the Netherlands. So, no P.O. box or service point.

The details you've provided to us and the store are accurate, and you will make the payments from your account.

Review of the Application

When you choose to pay via iDEAL in3, we check if that's permitted. We also do our best to verify whether you can pay all three parts. This verification is fully automated. In our iDEAL in3 Privacy Statement, you can read more about this verification and which data are used for it. This verification is also referred to as a credit assessment or creditworthiness check.

Please note: we can only perform a limited check. Only you know what's in your bank account and whether you have sufficient funds to pay for the purchase via iDEAL in3. You are responsible for not making the purchase if you think you might not be able to pay the three parts.

If you can't pay via iDEAL in3, we will let you know. If you still want to make your purchase at the store, you will need to pay in a different way.

If we approve your application

If you check out via iDEAL in3, you've entered into an agreement with us (In3 NL B.V.). You must, therefore, pay us for your purchase. Our iDEAL in3 consumer terms and conditions are part of this agreement. Your agreement with us automatically ends once you've paid everything.

If you change your mind

If you decide not to pay via iDEAL in3, you can still cancel your purchase by not paying the first part to us during checkout. You can always pay all three parts to us immediately. Your agreement with us then automatically ends because all parts have been paid.

Transfer to us

When you checkout via iDEAL in3, you need to pay us and no longer the store. To ensure the store gets its money, we pay the store on your behalf. By doing so, we take over the store's right to your payments. During this and while checking out via iDEAL in3, you are informed about this transfer.

Three installments

When you checkout via iDEAL in3, you don’t have to pay the store all at once but have to pay us in three parts. We divide the total amount you owe by three, creating three equal parts. You pay the first part right at the point of purchase. You pay the second part no later than 30 days after your purchase. The third part is paid no later than 60 days after your purchase. You won't pay any extras as long as you pay on time.


If you want to return or reverse your purchase, you must contact the store. We are not involved in this. If the store approves your returned product, they can notify us, and we will refund you. If you return part of your order, we are allowed to deduct the refunded amount from the parts you still owe us. As long as the store has not approved your returned product, you must continue to pay us the three parts.

How you should and may pay

You can always pay the unpaid parts to us earlier without any extra charges. You must pay us the unpaid parts earlier if we ask for it. We will only request this if there's a good reason, for instance, if your application is incorrect or if we must do so by law.

You must pay us using the payment link you receive from us or via the payment button online or in our app.

The person who pays the first part to us is also responsible for ensuring that the second and third parts are paid on time. If you've paid the first part for someone else or had someone else pay for you, you, along with that other person, are entirely responsible for timely payment of the second and third parts.

If you don't pay or pay late

If you don't pay us on time, you'll first receive a reminder with a new payment deadline. If you still don't pay, we'll send you a message with one last chance to pay. If you still don't pay after this, we can engage a collection agency. In this case, you may also face statutory collection costs. These costs are at least € 48.40 and can be higher depending on your debt to us.

Communication and complaints

Do you have questions or complaints about your purchase? Unfortunately, we can't assist you with that. You need to contact the store where you bought your product.

Do you have questions or complaints about your payment via iDEAL in3? We'd like to help you as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us by phone (088 - 399 33 99) or by email via You can also always file a complaint via the European ODR platform.


It's essential for us to know when something changes in your data. If you don't update us with new information, we might, for example, continue using your old address or email. This could result in you missing out on messages. Therefore, you must inform us about these changes.

If the information you provided to the store or us is incorrect, you are responsible for the consequences. We can always request more information from you if necessary.

Exclusion of liability

We are only liable for damages if, according to the law, we are responsible for the damage.

Transfer to Aion Bank SA/NV

We collaborate with the company Aion Bank SA/NV, and we transfer our right to payment to Aion Bank SA/NV. We inform you about this transfer. If you want to know how Aion Bank SA/NV handles your data, you can read Aion Bank SA/NV's privacy statement. This doesn't change your agreements with us. You still have to pay us through the payment link you received from us or via the payment button online or in our iDEAL in3 App.

Dutch law and Dutch court

Only Dutch law applies to our agreements. If we have a problem that we can't resolve together, the issue can be submitted to a Dutch court.