iDEAL innovates

The new iDEAL


The new iDEAL makes ordering and paying online even easier. iDEAL will be extended with a new payment page and a personal iDEAL profile for users. With the data stored therein, such as a delivery address, customers can complete their order or payment even faster.

Why is iDEAL changing?


Since its launch in 2005, the payment method iDEAL has become the Dutch payment standard, reaching almost 100% of Dutch consumers. More than 1 billion transactions per year are made with iDEAL.

In recent years, the way people buy and pay online has changed considerably. Mobile shopping is becoming more common and convenience also plays an increasingly important role in the ordering and payment process. That is why iDEAL is now also changing to remain the most convenient and trusted payment solution.

What's new?

Customer preference central thanks to iDEAL profile


The new iDEAL is all about the payer and his payment preferences. He stores his preferred account and delivery details easily via his bank in his iDEAL profile.

Pay fast: faster payment process and more convenience


Customers choose how they approve their payments: on the iDEAL payment page via the QR code or with just a confirmation in the banking app thanks to customer recognition or, as now, via their bank.

Checkout: ordering and paying in 1 step


Along with the payment, the customer also has the option of sharing his delivery details from his iDEAL profile with the entrepreneur.

More services will be added in the future, for example new payment options such as recurring or later payments. These will be developed by the iDEAL team together with the market.

New technology to make this possible

The new central technical infrastructure, the iDEAL Hub and the new iDEAL payment page make these extensions possible. It will be easier for merchants to offer iDEAL, as the bank choice will be taken over by the iDEAL payment page. The change also enables a faster response to changes in payment behaviour and new market requirements.

What are the benefits for me as a user

Payers enjoy greater convenience and additional services when paying through their own trusted bank.

- Payment based on own preferences
- More services linked to an iDEAL payment
- Easy and familiar personal iDEAL profile via own bank.

Business owners benefit from higher conversion rates thanks to additional checkout services and an even better experience for their customers.

- Easier to offer iDEAL in checkout by replacing bank choice with iDEAL page
- More convenience for 100% of Dutch consumers
- Additional services through existing contract relationship with own bank or payment service provider.

How can I use the new


The bank or payment service provider informs its customers how and when they can use the extensions.