Marketing iDEAL

Are you seeking ways to offer iDEAL more effectively to your customers? This page is your guide. Discover practical tips to encourage the use of iDEAL, download the official iDEAL logos for your website or app, and stay informed about the latest developments surrounding iDEAL. Whether you're new to iDEAL or looking to enhance your current offering, here you'll find all the information you need to provide your customers with a smooth and reliable payment experience.

Tips for offering iDEAL to customers

Encourage use of iDEAL

Do you want your customers to pay more often using iDEAL? With a few simple changes to your payment page, you can encourage your customers to pay quickly, safely and securely with iDEAL.

  • Use it and the spelling of the name: iDEAL;
  • Offer iDEAL for free;
  • Add a text below the iDEAL payment button, for example 'most popular payment method in the Netherlands' or 'Free';
  • Do you use a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for your payment pages? If so, inform your customer in advance that they will be directed to your service provider's payment page;
  • Many PSPs allow you to adapt the colour of the payment page to your own website. Make use of this as much as possible, as it reinforces the customer's feeling that he is paying you;
  • Put iDEAL at the top of the list of payment methods;
  • If you have a drop-down menu for payment methods, for instance via radio buttons, automatically leave iDEAL ticked;
  • Make it clear to the customer that paying with iDEAL is free, especially if you offer other payment methods for which the customer pays a fee;
  • Show the total amount of the order on the payment page, so your customer will not be surprised when the actual payment is made.

Optimising the confirmation page

After an iDEAL payment, your customer always returns to your confirmation page. Research has shown that a confirmation page with additional information or extra attention contributes to a pleasant shopping experience.  To make the best possible use of the confirmation page, you can, for instance, use this page to:

  • Reduce the number of questions for your customer service. Direct customers from the confirmation page to an explanation or frequently asked questions elsewhere on your website;
  • Give your customer additional information about the order or delivery;
  • Leave a review about your website, restaurant or organisation;
  • Thank the customer for their order or reservation, for example;
  • Have the customer make a reservation or order again;
  • Letting the customer become a donor directly;
  • Offer the customer the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter;