Welcome to iDEAL in3

Discover iDEAL in3, the revolutionary payment solution from iDEAL that enables your customers to easily pay for their purchases in three instalments, without any interest. At iDEAL, we strive to provide both merchants and consumers with convenient, secure, and flexible payment methods. With iDEAL in3, we continue this mission by giving your customers more control over their finances, whilst helping you boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of iDEAL in3 for Merchants 

  • Boost Your Conversions: Offer your customers the freedom to pay how and when they want, and see how your conversion rates significantly improve. 
  • Encourage Larger Purchases: Customers are more inclined to make higher expenditure when the payment can be spread out, resulting in a higher average order value for your store. 
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty: By offering a flexible payment solution, you build trust with your customers, leading to repeat purchases and strong brand loyalty. 
  • No Extra Costs for Your Customers: With iDEAL in3, your customers can enjoy the flexibility of spread payments without worrying about additional fees or hidden charges.

How iDEAL in3 Works for Merchants 

  1. Sign Up: Join the growing community of merchants who have embraced iDEAL in3. Our team is happy to assist with a smooth onboarding process. 
  2. Integration: We ensure a seamless integration of iDEAL in3 into your payment gateway, supported by clear guidelines and technical assistance. 
  3. Receive Payments: Your customers opt for iDEAL in3 at checkout, followed by an immediate credit check. Upon approval, they pay the first part, and their order is processed immediately.

Commitment to Security and Service 

As your partner in online payments, iDEAL guarantees a safe and reliable payment experience for your customers, strengthened by our robust security system and fraud prevention. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support and advice to help you make the most of iDEAL in3.

Switch to iDEAL in3 Now 

Let iDEAL in3 be your gateway to higher revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger market position. Visit here for more information or to start with iDEAL in3 immediately. We are ready to welcome you and your customers to the future of flexible payments.