iDEAL C2C providers

A C2C provider facilitates an iDEAL payment between two consumers. The iDEAL payment is transferred to the IBAN of the C2C provider. The C2C provider transfers the money to the IBAN of the beneficiary consumer within the agreed period.

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C2C providers

The following organisations have a certificate agreement iDEAL for the role of C2C provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What must our organisation meet to become an iDEAL partner (Issuer, Acquirer, CPSP or C2C provider)?

Your institution is eligible if you are registered as a payment service provider in the register of a European regulator (e.g. De Nederlandsche Bank; DNB). In addition, your organisation must meet the eligibility requirements set by Currence for the role (Issuer, Acquirer, CPSP or C2C provider) your institution wishes to fulfil.

On our information page for new Scheme Partners of iDEAL, iDIN or Incassomachtigen, under step one 'Application for Scheme Partner Certification' you will find the necessary information and documentation on how your institution can become a License or Certificate Holder or an Accredited Party.