Offer and integrate iDEAL


iDEAL is the number one online payment brand in The Netherlands. It enables Dutch consumers to pay online through their own bank. Originally iDEAL was designed for webshop payments, but nowadays it is increasingly used to pay energy bills, make donations to charities, buy mobile credits, pay local taxes, traffic fines, etc. iDEAL provides an immediate online payment guarantee to the payee. This allows them to deliver the goods and services right away. The money is transferred via a SEPA Credit Transfer to the beneficiary. 

iDEAL mobile


Payers authorize their payment in their banking domain which is familiar to them. Most banks offer their customers the option to make payments via their mobile banking apps. In the banking app payments are made very easily. One just needs a mobile pincode or biometrics (fingerprint) to authorize a payment. The conversion rate of these app payments is even higher than via internet banking.


How can I add iDEAL as a payment method?


Our Partners offer iDEAL to businesses. To offer iDEAL as a payment method, you need to contact one of them. They will be able to explain their method of integration with you.


In addition, this downloadable factsheet provides recommendations on how your customers are more likely to pay with iDEAL. It answers most questions about optimizing the implementation of iDEAL.


Which fees are applicable to iDEAL?


To offer iDEAL to your clients as a payment method, you need a contract with an iDEAL contracting Partner (Acquirer or CPSP). The fees for iDEAL differ per iDEAL Partner. Most often a fixed fee per transaction is applicable. Some partners offer also a monthly subscription. On the websites of these Partners you will find information about which iDEAL partner is most suited for your situation.


Ways to pay with iDEAL


You can use iDEAL to have your customers pay online in your webshop. But there are more ways to offer iDEAL to them:


You can use the iDEAL Payment link in, for example emails or text messages or offer your customers the option to pay later. The payment link is often used for invoice payments.


Next to this, you can use iDEAL for payments via the iDEAL QR code. These QR codes can be displayed offline (on a paper invoice, a restaurant bill, on a shop window) or online (in your webshop, a TV screen or an order column).


iDEAL renews and expands


To keep up with the way consumers shop and pay online, iDEAL is expanding with shorter payment processes and new services.


You can read all about the new iDEAL here.