Welcome to the FAQ page of iDEAL Profile. Whether you are just getting acquainted with iDEAL Profile or are already familiar with our services, we understand that you may have questions about the functionalities, benefits, and how you can utilise iDEAL Profile for your online payments. On this page, you will find answers to a range of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the iDEAL Profile

What is the iDEAL profile?

The iDEAL profile is a new feature that allows you to securely store your payment preferences and delivery details with your bank. This information can then be shared with one click when shopping online, making the payment process quicker and more personal.

How secure is my iDEAL profile?

Security is paramount at iDEAL. Your iDEAL profile is secured by your bank, with the same high security standards that apply to all your banking. Your personal details are only shared with online stores after you have explicitly given permission.

How do I create an iDEAL profile?

You can create an iDEAL profile via your bank's app or directly when checking out at an online store that supports iDEAL. Follow the steps in the bank app or on the payment page to set up your profile.

Is using the iDEAL profile mandatory?

No, using the iDEAL profile is entirely optional. You can still make iDEAL payments as you're accustomed to, but the iDEAL profile offers extra convenience and speed for online purchases.

What happens when I share my iDEAL profile with an online store?

When you choose to share your iDEAL profile with an online store, your saved payment and delivery details are automatically filled in during the payment process. This saves time and makes your online purchases quicker and easier.

Can I edit or delete my iDEAL profile?

Yes, you can edit or delete your iDEAL profile at any time via your bank's app. Here, you can adjust your saved payment preferences and delivery details or completely deactivate your profile.

What if I encounter problems with my iDEAL profile?

If you encounter problems with your iDEAL profile, it's best to contact the customer service of your bank. They can assist you with questions about creating, using, or troubleshooting your iDEAL profile.

Do all banks and online stores work with the iDEAL profile?

Most major Dutch banks support the iDEAL profile. Online stores that offer iDEAL as a payment method are encouraged to also support the iDEAL profile. For the most up-to-date list of supporting banks and online stores, visit the official iDEAL website.

Is my iDEAL profile shared with all the online shops where I make purchases?

Your iDEAL profile is only shared with the online shops where you explicitly give permission during the payment process. You have full control over what information you share and with whom.

How do I know what information is shared with an online shop?

Before any information is shared, you will see an overview of the information requested by the online shop. You must actively give permission before any information from your iDEAL profile is shared.

Can I select which information I share from my iDEAL profile?

Yes, at checkout, you can choose which information you wish to share. This gives you the flexibility to only share the necessary information for the specific transaction.

How does the iDEAL profile affect my privacy?

iDEAL and the participating banks take your privacy very seriously. Your data is stored securely and only shared with your permission. iDEAL complies with strict European privacy legislation (GDPR), meaning your data is protected, and you have control over your personal information.

Can online shops see my payment details?

No, online shops cannot see your payment details, such as your bank account number. iDEAL ensures that your payment is processed without your financial information being shared with the online shop. Your bank processes the payment securely in the background.

What happens if my bank does not yet support the iDEAL profile?

If your bank does not yet support the iDEAL profile, you can continue to use iDEAL as you are accustomed. The profile is an additional feature that can speed up and personalise the payment process, but it is not a requirement for using iDEAL.

How soon can I start using my iDEAL profile after creating it?

As soon as you have created your iDEAL profile via your banking app or during checkout, it is immediately available for use. There is no waiting time; you can immediately enjoy the benefits of faster and easier online payments.

Is my iDEAL profile also recognised by international online shops?

Currently, the iDEAL profile is mainly aimed at Dutch consumers and online shops that accept iDEAL. For international online shops, support depends on their integration with iDEAL and whether they support the features of the iDEAL profile.