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New iDEAL version suitable for cross-border euro payments

Europe is moving towards a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), which will soon allow us to pay anywhere in this area with the same set of payment instruments. SEPA comprises all EU countries, including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (which are members of the European Economic Area), Switzerland and Monaco. New standards will be introduced in the payment system for account numbers and payment instruments to ensure that euro payments in this area are executed in the same manner everywhere. The SEPA Credit Transfer and the SEPA Direct Debit will soon be used for domestic as well as cross-border euro payments.

iDEAL is a payment standard that is currently based on the Dutch domestic transfer. The iDEAL payment standard has been adapted so that it can also be used shortly for both domestic and cross-border euro payments.

We have listed the changes to ensure that you experience a smooth transition to a new version of iDEAL.

New iDEAL release, version 3.3

In the future consumers and companies will use the IBAN (International Bank Account Number). It is a longer account number that is partly made up of the existing bank account number. The iDEAL payment standard has been modified to receive payments and pay with iDEAL in accordance with the new rules.

Changes to the new iDEAL version

The new iDEAL version has undergone two key changes in relation to the existing version:

Important change in the iDEAL field for the order number (PurchaseID)

From 1 November 2012, certain special characters (such as #, &, @, and space) in the iDEAL field for the order number (the PurchaseID) are no longer supported. If you nevertheless use these special characters they are automatically deleted. This is due to the mandatory introduction of the standard European credit transfer (SEPA Credit Transfer) in iDEAL as of 1 November 2012.

From 1 November 2012, these special characters are also no longer supported in the iDEAL fields for the Merchant Trade Name and Description. As for the order number, certain special characters are automatically removed from these fields.

What does this mean for you as iDEAL merchant?

If you use unauthorized special characters in your order number (PurchaseID) your iDEAL messages and bank statements will show a different order number than you originally specified. Comparing and checking iDEAL payments based on order numbers may therefore fail.

Especially when you use the specified order numbers (PurchaseIDs) in your accounting system for automated comparison and checking and you use special characters in your order number, you need to modify the composition of those order numbers before 1 November 2012.

From 1 November 2012, only the following characters are transferred with iDEAL transactions:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
/ - ? : ( ) . , ' +

Please note, in particular the following special characters are not supported: , $, #, &, %, @, *, underscore (_) and spaces.

For more information about the recommended changes in the iDEAL fields for the order number, the Merchant Trade Name and the Description, please contact your iDEAL party, your bank or your Payment Service Provider.

Please note

As a merchant or (Collecting) Payment Service Provider your own payment systems should have been converted to the new iDEAL version as of 1 August 2013. If your systems have not been converted yet, you are not able to submit any iDEAL transactions as of 1 February 2014. This means that your customers are not able to pay with iDEAL as from 1 February 2014. Please contact your (acquiring) bank as soon as possible to convert to the new iDEAL version.

iDEAL Merchant Integration Guide Summary of Changes document

In order to offer iDEAL as a payment method on your website, you have to comply with the technical specifications of your contracting party. These technical specifications are listed in the Merchant Integration Guide (MIG). A Summary of Changes document has been drawn up to give an idea of the changes to the iDEAL payment standard. This summary describes the main differences between the existing MIG and the MIG for the new version of iDEAL. The comprehensive Merchant Integration Guide will be sent by your bank on request.